Pre-flight Checklist

How do I set up my file for print?

Document Set-up

  • Confirm that the finished size is correct.
  • If the finished product requires folding, check that the panel sizes are correct.
  • If the finished product has bleeds, check that you’ve provided the standard 1/8″  bleed.

File Management

  • Delete any unused graphics from the pasteboard.
  • Supply the fonts used in your document. (Printer and Screen if Mac) (True type if PC)
  • Supporting files are TIFF (.tif) or EPS (.eps) format. (No JPG, JPEG, GIF or PICT)
  • Check that your TIFF and Photo EPS files are high-resolution (300 dpi).
  • Make sure all images are linked and not embedded.

Color Management

  • Delete any unused colors from the color palette.
  • Graphics and Photo files are in CMYK mode, not RGB.
  • Check to see that spot and process colors are used appropriately.
  • Note any potential trapping problems on your proof.

Submitting Your Order

  • Print a Hard Copy Proof or Supply a PDF. We need it to verify your work!
  • Collect your document and supporting files to CD. Use Zip or StuffIt if transferring your files Online using our FTP Dropbox.